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Thor Ragnarok Review

thor ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok was to my pleasant surprise a smashing departure from the usual Marvel fare. I was fully expecting the usual formula. You know…origin to hero, or crisis to new found purpose, maybe even a little bit of hang-up -the-powers- because-doing-good-hurts-some, thrown in. Instead, we actually get a story. As big as this movie was, it also zoomed in close enough to see the characters develop and interact with each other — and not just with punches.

As we open up to our hero in one of his usual scenarios, seemingly bested and about to be monologued to death, a new element in Marvel storytelling appears. We actually get some dialogue. This installment takes on the air of a great dialogue movie. But each scene is also carried by the stunning 3-D visuals and a well crafted script. Our primary characters shows up on the scene carrying the full weight of their backstory, a backstory that is revealed at a good pace and enhances the main plot.

Thor was never my favorite Marvel hero, but after this movie, he is definitely a favorite now. Once again we see him face impossible odds, which this time cause him to make hard choices and suffer great loss. He discovers new depths of strength, and we see a hero mature on the screen. We also see the return of old friends like Loki and Hulk along with some new surprises. With a confirmation of a Thor appearance in the forthcoming Infinity War, I can’t wait.

If you have the chance, see this one in 3-D. The visuals are absolutely stunning. From the battle scenes to the wide camera shots, this one is worth the upgrade. The only negative I can think of is that sometimes the comic relief crosses the line and detracts from the scene, but for the most part the comedy gamble pays off.

The bottom line is that this is a must see for any fan of the Marvel universe. I got the opportunity to see the prescreening with my oldest son. Check out his YouTube Review.

Matthew Stahlmann

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